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Discover the striking contrast of VinylBoost through our customer showcases. See firsthand the dramatic difference our product makes on homes just like yours.

How to Use VinylBoost

Transform your home's appearance with VinylBoost using our straightforward four-step process. Embody our motto 'Do Incredible Yourself' as you tackle either a small area or your entire home's siding. These easy-to-follow instructions promise optimal results and a stunning transformation. Get ready to see your vinyl siding look as good as new!

Step One

Surface Preparation

Wash the siding to remove dirt and debris. Utilize a pressure washer or a garden hose with a scrub brush to ensure a clean surface.

Step Two

Product Dispensing

Apply a dime-sized amount of VinylBoost onto your sponge. Start with a small quantity to gauge its coverage and effectiveness, as a little VinylBoost goes a long way.

Step Three

Efficient Application

Apply VinylBoost to the siding with dedicated effort. When needed, apply more product sparingly, extending each application to maximize coverage.

Step Four

Final Touch

After application, wipe the siding with a clean cloth to remove any excess product, ensuring a neat and uniform finish on your vinyl siding.

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