Restore faded vinyl siding back to its original appearance with VinylBoost.


Reset the clock on your faded vinyl siding with VinylBoost, the cost-effective and easy solution to restore faded vinyl siding back to its original colour and brilliance.


VinylBoost costs far less than painting or replacing your faded vinyl siding.

Easy To Use Yourself

Apply Vinylboost with a sponge. That's it!

Incredibly Quick

In no time at all your home will look as good as new.


VinylBoost reacts with PVC resulting in an unbelievable restoration that lasts for years.

VinylBoost Starter Kit

VinylBoost Premium Home Care Value Pack

4 Bottles of VinylBoost
Bundle of 3 Premium Terry Towels
2 Durable Sponges

With coverage of up to 1,600 square feet, the VinylBoost Premium Home Care Value Pack offers you the best value.

$239.99 CAD

(Approx. $178 USD)

VinylBoost Single


1 Bottle of VinylBoost

One bottle offers coverage of up to 400 square feet. Single bottles are perfect for homes finished partially with vinyl siding, or homes that feature vinyl eaves.

Each bottle contains 4 fl. oz / 118 mL of VinylBoost.

$69.99 CAD

(Approx. $53 USD)

Four Steps to Restore Faded Vinyl Siding

1. Wash away dirt and debris with a standard powerwasher or garden hose with a scrub brush;

2. Apply a small amount of VinylBoost to your sponge;

3. Rub VinylBoost on the siding, spreading evenly across the surface;

4. Wipe any excess VinylBoost with a clean cloth.

For more detailed instructions on how to use VinylBoost to restore your home back to its original shine, check out the VinylBoost How-to Guide, which includes a video demonstration.


Try Before You Buy!

VinylBoost Sample

Icon 1 - VinylBoost is Not a Paint Product

Not a paint product

VinylBoost is not a paint product. It will not stick to the outside of your vinyl siding or form any sort of seal, meaning absolutely no cracking or peeling can occur.

Icon 2 - VinylBoost is Not a Cleaning Product

Not a cleaning product

VinylBoost is not a cleaning product, and does not contain any corrosive chemicals that could damage your home or property.

Icon 3 - VinylBoost Requires Little Preparation

Not a hassle

VinylBoost does not require time consuming preparation such masking around doors and windows. This means you can start and stop your vinyl siding restoration as your schedule allows.

Icon 4 - VinylBoost is it's own product category

It's own category!

VinylBoost is VinylBoost - a product in its own category unlike any other product on the market. With the average homeowner in mind, VinylBoost was developed by Handyman Labs specifically for treating and restoring colour back into faded vinyl siding.