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In The News

Handyman Labs has been fortunate to have gained the attention of media. Below are excerpts from several articles, with links to the full articles.

Robbie Chisholm CBC

Brothers bet big on their handyman products business

CBC, Ben Silcox - August 17, 2017

Two P.E.I. brothers have gone all in on their new business, Handyman Labs.

Robbie and Gerard Chisholm have been conducting research and development over the past two years on a product designed to restore vinyl siding. They're hoping now to use that as a launch pad for their business with other products.


Innovation PEI announces 2015 Ignition Fund recipients

IIS, Andrew Sprague - October 9, 2015

Ten new and expanding companies from across Prince Edward Island have received grants of $25,000 each from Innovation PEI’s Ignition Fund to help support the development and growth of their businesses.

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