Due to supply chain issues resulting from the pandemic, we have suspended the retail side of our operations until such time as we can resume regular business.

We anticipate a return to regular business in 2022 at the latest. We will continue to monitor the situation regularly, and will resume regular business sooner than 2022 if we're able to.

If you would like to be notified of when we resume regular operations, please fill out the form below. 

Telephone voicemails and our email inbox will be monitored daily for customer service related issues from homeowners who have previously used VinylBoost.

If you're one of our large-volume partners, or are interested in becoming one, please email us at info@handymanlabs.com

We thank everyone for their continued support, and we apologize to those who have been requesting samples / updates from us, but have only received radio silence. We were delaying this decision as long as possible in hopes that we could find a solution to provide VinylBoost to as many homeowners as possible this year.